Thursday, December 01, 2005

What Happens After Hoodia

According to, the manufacturer of the #1 Hoodia Gordonii Supplement in the World called Dessert Burn, a large portion of the actual Hoodia Gordonii finger or stems is necessary before the cactus’ ability to suppress weight can take effect.

This is why Desert Burn has the largest manufactured capsules in the world, which should be taken four capsules a day to total a consumption of 3 gms of Hoodia. But despite this, it will take a couple of days before the dieter can actually feel the effect of the product, which is appetite loss.

Unlike most supplements, the real aim of Hoodia is to suppress appetite and nothing more. It doesn’t aid metabolism nor clean the body of its toxins. What once was an aid to dessert survival has now become a convenient escape from the discipline of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

What’s lacking in most literature found on the websites of companies offering Hoodia products is its effect on the body after withdrawing from its usage. What happens when an individual did attain his ideal weight through the usage of the product and decides to stop consuming it already?

Since the product suppresses appetite through continuous usage, it is imminent that weight gain will return to that individual unless he or she has mustered a really healthy lifestyle.


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